Special plan for long stay

[From 1 week to long stay! No initial costs or fees. Would you like to live in Kyo-machiya? ]

We offers plans for stays of 1 week or longer.
Hostel Otro Mundo is a machiya, traditional (merchant’s) houses that is over 100 years old in Kyoto.
There is a convenient location within 5 minutes from the bus stop.
There are many convenience stores and supermarkets nearby, making it convenient for sightseeing and living.

・Business trips
・Study abroad or Schooling
Please stay here for various purposes!

・Dormitory room: 20,000 yen/week, 60,000 yen/4 weeks
・Private room (bed or Japanese-style room): 25,000 yen/week, 80,000 yen/4 weeks
(Only during periods other than peak season. Please contact us for details of fees)

・Air conditioner , electric fan
・Shower room (available 24 hours)
・Kitchen, refrigerator, microwave (available 24 hours)
・Common room
・Bike rental (1,000 yen/day, 3,000 yen/week)

A visit is possible at any time.
Please feel free to contact us!

Hostel Otro Mundo

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